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Create e-mail footer / template

You can find the settings for the email template under “Easy Email Footer” in the main menu.

HTML injections can be added on the left-hand side. This allows you to define “variables” for your template. For example, you can work with the name, email address or telephone number of your employees/persons in your template. Simply assign a name, select a suitable meta field from the dropdown and save (using the “save” button).
You can then use the defined name in your template. It is advisable to select a name that cannot be repeated in plain text form (e.g. by using curly brackets or other special characters). For example, you could use {vorname} for the first name.

In the middle field, you can create your template in the visual editor or in the code view.

You will then see the preview on the right


You can find the email footer settings in the WordPress dashboard under “Easy Email Footer” > “Settings”. Here you can activate the Easy vCard mode so that Easy E-Mail Footer uses all data from the vCard list.

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